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APE Europe organization: APE Europe, a european association subject to French law.

APE Europe organization: a european professional association

APE Europe is a European association subject to French law:

  • Headquarters: Levallois-Perret (Paris) – France
  • Management: sub-contracted to CPA
  • APE members of the board of Cicloagro (Spain)
  • 2 meetings per years: June and December
  • Two primary bodies: the General Assembly and the General Board.

APE Europe organization: executive council (steering committee) and board:

  • President: Dr Holger Eggers – RKW AGRI GmbH & Co  (….)
  • 1st Vice-President: Serge Vassal – Groupe Barbier (France)
  • 2nd Vice-President: Göran Ericson – Trioplast (…)
  • Treasurer: Andres Garcia de Tunon – A. Alvarez Group (Spain)
  • Secretary: Peter Rosoman – Tama UAT Ltd (…)
  • Administrator: Paul Cammal – CPA (France)
  • Administrator : Michael Huyghe – BPI Formipac (…)
APE Europe organization: Dr Holger Eggers President APE Europe

Dr Holger Eggers (President)

APE Europe organization: Serge Vassal (V. President)

Serge Vassal (1st V. President)

APE Europe organization: Göran Ericson (2nd V. President)

Göran Ericson (2nd V. President)

APE Europe organization: A. Garcia de Tunon (Treasurer)

A. Garcia de Tunon (Treasurer)

APE Europe organization: Peter Rosoman (Secretary)

Peter Rosoman (Secretary)








APE Europe organization: Bernard Le Moine (Délégué Général)

Bernard Le Moine (Délégué Général)


Délégué Général: Bernard Le Moine – CPA (France)



Founding members:

CPA France, Trioplast, Hyplast, BPI, Armando Alvarez Group, RKW, Barbier Group, Tama, Novamont.


The most important european companies

 CPA (France)
logo-cpa3 RKW Agri Gmbh RKW
Trioplast Trioplast2 A. Alvarez Group (Spain) ALVAREZ
 Barbier Group (France) BARBIER Tama UAT Ltd Tama
 Novamont (France) CMYK base  BPI Formipac bpi_formipac
 SPG Packaging (Ireland) Silawrap  Coveris Flexibles Austria Coveris
AB Rani Plast OY RANI  KKW Hyplast HYPLAST


Cooperation for the promotion of plastics solutions for a stronger and cleaner European agriculture

Our major partners are international professional organizations involved directly or indirectly in agricultural plastics production and sale. They all work together about innovation and eco-conception in agricultural plastic applications to improve crop yields and environmental protection.
Because a green and profitable agriculture recommends a real development of the European recovery and recycling industries.

APE Europe expects to develop long term partnerships with all European associations involved in plastic waste recovery and recycling

EuPC European Plastics Converters (EuPC), representing manufacturers of the recycling of used plastics, EuPC is working on developing capacity and techniques of conversion in Europe.
logo_EUPR Plastics Recyclers Europe (EuPR), ringing together 80% of the European players in the recycling of used plastics
CEPLA  Promote plastic in agriculture and best practices to use it. Officialy created in 1977, the Comité Español de Plásticos en Agricultura (CEPLA) is involved since 1964 in the development and the promotion of plastics products useful in agricultural sector.
plasticsEurope PlasticsEurope, present in the 27 countries of the European union, professional association PlasticsEurope represents European plastics manufacturers.
Logo_Epro European Association of Plastics Recycling and Recovery Organizations (EPRO), this European association brings together all organisms involved in promotion and organization of used plastics recycling and recovering.


The headquarter is located in France:

APE Europe

125 rue Aristide Briand
92300 Levallois Perret – France
Tel: +33 (0)1 44 01 16 54 – Mail:

Contact: Bernard Le Moine, General secretary,,
Mob : 00 33(0)6 28 05 24 38

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