Istanbul “ 30th International Horticulture Congress (IHC)

Design the futur horticulture world….This year, at the midle of the Istanbuls’ splendors, was hold the IHC 2018 from the 12th to the 16th of August.
1800 delegates from 90 countries, 250 conferences, 39 symposia , 11 workshops were the opportunity for horticulture’s scientists to meet, to exchange and design the futur horticulture world.
Professor Yuksel Tuzel, congress’ president, has invited the Comité International des Plastiques en Agriculture (CIPA) to present “Plasticulture: an economy of ressource”.
The plastic in agriculture play an important role in the intensive ecological agriculture, but it is necessary to reduce its negatives’ externalities in organizing worlwide the plastic end of life management.”

Bernard Le Moine, CIPA’s general secretary.

The congress was the opportunity for Bernard Le Moine, CIPA’s general secretary, to launch an appeal to the scientific community to be involve in education, information and dissemination about the necessity of the agri-plastic end-of-life management.

Professor Tuzel , new ISHS president: “The horticulture production is not possible anymore without plastic, it deserve attention and involvement for a waste management contributing to a sustainable horticulture production.Thanks to the CIPA to enlight this important matter.”