XXIe CIPA Congress

With 250 participants, 50 speakers and 35 nationalities represented, the XXI Congress of CIPA, held in Arcachon on May 29th and 31st has been a real success that could well confirm the revival of international plasticulture.

Driven by highly strategic issues such as ecologically intensive agriculture or the circular economy, it has resulted in an extremely promising double consensus for the future of agricultural plastics. The plastic farmers gathered at Arcachon first clearly stated the need for effective management of Used Agricultural Plastics (UAP). They also agreed that the improvement of this management was mainly depending on the professionals common will and that it was possible to do better with the means already available.

Remarkable for its consequent delegation and the quality of its interventions, China synthesizes by itself the future challenges of plastic in agriculture and the environment. So it is the Chinese Doctor Yan Changrong, professor at the China Academy of Agricultural Science (CAAS), who takes over the presidency of CIPA and succeeds Paul Cammal, who has just been re-elected President of the CPA.

Professor Changrong is already in charge and will organize the 22nd CIPA Congress to be held in Shanghai on 2021. This first time will be a great event for the country which is a major user of agricultural plastic.