The French plastic industry makes its proposals…

To contribute to the French government in defining its « Roadmap for the Circular Economy », the CPA, PlasticsEurope, Elipso, the Fédération de la Plasturgie et des Composites, Valorplast, ADIVALOR et the SRP, have just specified their 6 main proposals and their operational objectives by 2025. Convinced that we are changing our perspective and that the tryptic « produce-consume-eliminate » is fading under the emergence of a circular economy where waste becomes a resource like the others, it is the entire plastic industry that engages in the necessary evolution of the economic model by advocating:
• Zero plastics in landfill
• 55% of European plastic packaging prepared for recycling and reuse
• 100% of French plastic waste recycled in Europe and qualitative improvement of regenerated plastics
• Promote the incorporation of recycled materials into new plastic products
• Stimulate innovation to develop new technologies

Each line of work has been developed in a short summary note that you can consult by clicking here