Michel LOUBRY, trésorier du CPA et directeur général de PlasticsEurope pour l'Europe de l'Ouest.

Death of Michel LOUBRY, Treasurer of the CPA

Dear Members,
It is with great sadness that I have just learned of the death this morning, following a long illness, of Michel LOUBRY, Treasurer of the CPA and General Manager of PlasticsEurope for Western Europe.
Michel collaborated with the CPA for many years. He had a special attachment for the agri-plastics, which he always sought to defend and promote in his work at PlasticsEurope. He agreed to spend time for us, he was treasurer of the CPA.
We will keep the memory of a warm person who loved life and humour. Demanding in positions, he has been an asset for the Plasticulture.
Our thoughts are with his family and loved ones in this painful moment.
Your sincerly,
Paul Cammal, President